All-Flash Cohesity Cluster Install

Guess who had the opportunity to install his first all-flash Cohesity cluster yesterday? That’s right, you guessed it!

Data protection conversations are all about restore times and ransomware protection, not only backups anymore. 😎

If 368TB of raw SSDs with up to 800 Gbit/s of bandwidth in 4RU is something that gets your attention, then we are definitely speaking the same language!

Steps required to install this cluster:

  • Unbox the equipment (chassis, rails, cables, instructions, bezel)
  • Mount the quick-installs rails first
  • Slide in the chassis in the rack/rails
  • Lock it down with the front screws
  • Run all the necessary cabling (10/25G for data and power)
  • IPMI (1G) is optional, but recommended
  • Power on the nodes in the chassis
  • Bring a crash cart and connect to each node with the VGA adapter
  • Login to the node with the default credentials
  • Launch the network configuration script
  • Select your IP address, subnet, gateway, bond type, etc
  • Rinse and repeat for every node
  • Once all the nodes are configured, type the IP address of one in your browser
  • Login to the Cohesity console with the default credentials
  • Select all the nodes that will be part of the new cluster (they should be automatically discovered)
  • Fill out all the required fields (cluster name, DNS, new password, VIP IP addresses, etc)
  • Create cluster with 3-nodes to avoid issues and wait 10-15 minutes for the process to complete.
  • Once completed, add the remaining nodes and it will be very quick process.

Voila! And that’s it…cluster is now ready to be used (backups, file shares, analytics, etc).

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