VCIX in only 1 letter away from VCDX

This past week I took my VCAP Deploy exam and ended up passing it on my first try. After 3 previous cancellations, I was finally able to take the deploy test successfully leveraging Pearson at home. The first time I booked it was during VMware Explore, but I ended up cancelling it since I did not feel like I prepared enough for it. When I got back I booked it twice at a local testing center, and both times it would not even load due to a javascript error. I was starting to believe that maybe it was just not meant to be, but glad to prove that is not the case.

How long will it take me to create the necessary paperwork for the VCDX submission? Hoping less than a year, closer to 6 months. The key will be to keep the momentum going and not letting it fade away. Goal is to be in the VCDX directory before next VMworld 🙂