New ExaGrid EX189 Appliance

There is a new Sheriff in town when it comes to Backup Appliances. Previously the EX84 used to be biggest appliance offered by ExaGrid with a total of 168TB combined (Landing Zone and Repository), however, there is now a EX189 model out with more than double the capacity instead (378TB in only 2RU of space!).

The EX189 stands out for its ability to scale up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system, enabling a full backup capacity of 6PB and a rate of 516TB/hr. This linear scalability is considered a key aspect of ExaGrid’s product line, as it allows for substantial data storage and quick processing rates. Some of the advantages of the single scale-out system include global deduplication and automatic load balancing.

One of the unique features of the ExaGrid system is its disk-cache Landing Zone. This zone is designed for rapid backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. Furthermore, the retention repository in these systems offers a cost-effective solution for long-term data retention.

2RU Design for all appliance (previously 4RU for some)

Some of the technical specs for the EX189 unit below:
~16TB/hour throughput rate per appliance
Single CPU with 16 Hyper-threaded cores and 256GB of Memory
24x 18TB Enterprise SAS disks
RAID6 with Hot Spare configuration
2RU of Physical Space (35″ of rack clearance required due to the extended depth)
Network options include: Two 1GbE Ports or 2/4 Optional 10GbE Ports or 2/4 Optional 25GbE Ports
Redundant power supplies and fans