Pure Accelerate 2024 Announcements

I attended my second Pure Accelerate conference and the energy was out of this world. Lots of great announcements, familiar faces, conversations, breakout sessions, vendor’s innovations and much more!

Check out some of the announcement that caught my attention so far…

  • Nvidia DGX SuperPOD certification in the works
    • Fully validated design with performance and reliability guarantees supporting AI at scale
    • expect to be fully certified by end of 2024
  • AI Copilot functionality within Pure ONE
    • Some examples below:
    • How does my array security rank among all other pure customers? How can I improve it?
    • Are there any performance issues at the moment? If so, what do you suggest to remediate it?
    • What are the top 5 volumes rated by daily growth? Latency? IOPS? Bandwidth?
    • Are there any best practices currently not implemented? Can you provide guidance how to achieve them?
    • Is the Purity OS version of any of my arrays approaching end of support anytime soon?
  • Cyber Recovery Service is maturing by adding more features for the same cost
    • The offering now includes any type of disaster, not just ransomware.
    • Examples: Fire, flood, natural disasters, etc…
    • Also adding proactive assessment to review the platform status try to prevent any breaches
    • This includes quarterly assessments to try to prevent any sort of data breach in the future
    • Guaranteed Outcome simply delivered as a service
  • Site Rebalance feature has been added to the portfolio
    • This will allow you to move unused reserved capacity between sites/contracts once per year
    • Requires a Storage as a Service (STaaS) subscription
    • Add-on / Paid feature
  • Cyber Resilience feature has been added as well
    • Security assessments of your fleet
    • Clearly defined objectives to improve this posture
      • Scoring will range from 0-5, with 5 being 100% secure
    • Enhanced anomaly detection powered by AI
      • Detect unusual activity, malicious behavior, ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks
  • Pure Technical Road Shows are coming to a city near you!
    • This in an initiative that has worked tremendously well in the APJ market
    • It is now being incorporated into the Americas
    • The name… Purely Technical
  • Fusion platform integration with Purity OS
    • It will no longer represent an extra cost
    • It will come natively included within the Purity console starting from version 6.8
      • Purity OS 6.8 is scheduled to be released in Q3 2024
    • Tool will no longer be limited to CLI/API only, GUI will be available in Purity OS 6.8 too
    • Fully backwards compatible with already provisioned arrays
  • 300TB DFMs coming soon!
    • Mr. Colgrove AKA “Coz” displayed on staged a 3D Printed DFM capable to provide 300TB!
    • Last year, 150TB DFM was announced
    • I would expected this new 300TB offering to be ready sometime in 2025
    • Can you imagine the density when this DFM comes out?
      • 24PB RAW File Storage within 12RU with FlashBlade //E
      • 6PB RAW Block Storage within 3RU with FlashArray //E
  • AI driven Estimate Platform
    • Select your goal and let the platform help you decide
    • Model your usage and take action before reaching on-demand usage cost
    • Options include: Expand, Modernize and Purchase

To wrap this up, Pure has shared that their vision crystal clear and they are making it know that they are laser focused on the following 4 challenges that every organization is working on improving themselves:

  • AI-Ready Infrastructure
  • Cyber Resiliency
  • App Modernization
  • Hybrid Cloud Optimization

What was your favorite announcement? What are you looking forward the most?

I leave you with some pictures of the event below: