VMware Explore 2024 – Session Recommendations

VMware Explore is only two months away and I cannot wait to be out there in Vegas seeing all the major announcements live!

I also have tons of questions that are simply going through my mind, for example…

  • How many attendees are we going to have this year?
  • How many times is the word AI going to be mentioned during the opening keynote?
  • Are large enterprises going all in VCF for their hybrid cloud infrastructure strategy?
  • How many private AI VCF stacks have been built so far? Will I be able to run into anyone using them?
  • Is Kubernetes ready to take over the world?
  • How are customers guaranteeing that their environments are 100% secured?
  • Are customers leveraging DPUs in their infrastructure yet?

And the list goes on and on and on…but before we get too ahead of ourselves, I wanted to share some of my personal recommendations for a few sessions I am particularly looking forward to being a part of. The list of sessions below is not displayed in any particular order. I also tried to select only one sessions per topic to try to keep them diversified.

3 Cornerstones To Enable A Cyber-Resilient Private Cloud [VCFB1201LV]

All About VSphere 8: What’s New In The Technology [VCFB1440LV]

Private AI:
Build Service Deliverables With VMware Private AI Foundation With NVIDIA [CODEB1882LV]

External Storage:
Core Storage Best Practices For VMware VSphere Virtual Volumes And NVMeoF [VCFB1455LV]

VMware vSAN ESA Deep Dive: Your Storage Platform for VMware Cloud Foundation [VCFB1450LV]

Load Balancing:
Reimagining Load Balancing Capabilities: NSX-T To Avi With Aria Automation [ANSB1187LV]

Edge Evolution: Unveiling VMware’s Solutions For Agile Edge Management [SDEB2171LV]

Org Transformation:
Hyperlaunch: Preparing Your Organization For Private Cloud Hyperscaling [VCFB2055LV]

Kubernetes 101 And The IaaS Control Plane On VMware Cloud Foundation [VCFB1443LV]

Some more bonus sessions in case you still have some empty slots in your agenda below…

Kickstart Your Career With The New VMware Cloud Foundation Certification Track [VCFB2308LV]

Quantum Computing:
Quantum Computing: What Are You Scared Of? [EXPB1447LV]

Private AI:
Private AI And Advanced Services On VCF: What’s Next? [INVB1960LV]

Ransomware Lessons From The Field: VCF And VMware VDefend Firewall With ATP [EXPB2119LV]

Gen AI + Tanzu:
Spring AI Loves GenAI For VMware Tanzu Platform [TANB2195LV]

Customer Story:
Accelerate Your Journey To Private Cloud With VMware Cloud Foundation [VCFP1362LV]

And that’s it folks, that is the current list of sessions (in no specific order) that caught my attention this year (so far)! I would love to hear your opinion/suggestions so I can add them to my Favorites list as well!