New Broadcom Acronyms

Are you familiar with the new Broadcom licensing acronyms yet?

VCF = VMware Cloud Foundation (this one has been around for a while now)
VVF = VMware vSphere Foundation (brand new offering which includes vCenter, vSphere Ent Plus, Tanzu for vSphere, Aria Standard Suite and some 100GB of vSAN licensing per core)
VVS = VMware vSphere Standard (Good ole vSphere Standard with bonus vCenter licensing as well)
VVEP = VMware vSphere Essentials Plus (Same 3 hosts max as before, but now has a 96 core maximum as well)

What can we expect licensing for ROBO to be called? Is there even going to be one available in the near future?
VVE would be my guess (vSphere Edge) if Broadcom releases one soon.