Cisco Live 2024 announcements

Even though I did not make it to Cisco Live this year, there were a lot of big announcements. After browsing through and reading through some articles, I wanted to share a summary of those items that caught my attention below.

Cisco Secure Access and ThousandEyes Integration: This solution provides businesses with insights from extensive visibility into network performance, helping detect critical issues and improve the digital experience of applications​. Used to be two completely separate products in the past.

AI Enhancements in Cisco Meraki: Cisco introduced new AI capabilities in Meraki cameras, which now include features to improve security and observability. For example: it can now detect specific worker uniforms to prevent unauthorized access​,

Partnership with NVIDIA: Cisco announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to develop and deploy AI workloads in the datacenter (Private AI). This partnership aims to offer purpose-built Ethernet networking solutions to support GPU clusters, enhancing the efficiency of AI deployments​.

Cisco Security Cloud: Enhancements to the Cisco Security Cloud were introduced, including Cisco Identity Intelligence. This AI-powered solution aims to protect against identity-based cyber threats by providing comprehensive security across machines, services, apps, and data.

Full-Stack Observability Innovations: These include Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) with Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Session Replay, observability for Kubernetes workloads using extended Berkeley Packet Filters (eBPF), and a new natural language interface for troubleshooting powered by Gen AI.

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Observability: This new feature in Cisco’s observability platform focuses on real-time data discovery, classification, policy definition, and compliance visibility, helping businesses manage and secure sensitive data effectively.

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