Cisco B200-M6 Blades announced

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Are you running any type of Cisco UCS 3-tier stack in your environment?

If you did not get a chance to attend Cisco Live last week, they announced their latest and greatest blade server which is the B200-M6 blade. Dual CPU socket 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors capable of using 8TB of memory, OR 12TB combined with Intel Optane Persistent Memory.

Save cost on socket licensing when switching from older B200-M3/B200-M4 blades and use those funds to upgrade your infrastructure. I remember when I first installed B200-M5 blades, these things were able to outperform 2x whole B200-M3 blades, so we were able to reduce our physical footprint (cooling and power included) and also save some money in licensing costs. Most datacenter software that we run nowadays is charged by socket/cores so by replacing 2 blades with a newer one, we now only needed half the amount of CPUs to perform the same functions. The fact that you have less older hardware (much higher chances of CPU, memory, disk failures after 3+ years) to manage at the end of the day makes it a lot more very attractive as well!

More information about the Cisco B200-M6 servers here

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