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What does all this buzz around Artificial Intelligence mean for organizations?
In summary, the AI and GPT buzz signifies a transformative shift in how organizations operate. From automating tasks to improving decision-making processes, these technologies offer plenty of opportunities for growth and innovation.

Some question you should ask when a new potential opportunity comes up.

  • Can it save your organization time?
  • Can it increase revenue (sales, marketing, etc)?
  • Can it reduce time to deliver?
  • Can it improve current efficiency?
  • Is the investment worth the return (GPUs are not cheap!)?
  • And the list goes on and on…

Some common examples include: Chatbot, Content Generation, Search, Associative Reasoning, Training, and much more.

Based on that, I am sure you are wondering… how can your organization get quickly started in this space?
I tried to put a list together below with some of the most popular products that may be able to assist with that task.

  • Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box™ is a turnkey AI solution for organizations wanting to implement Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) capabilities while maintaining control of their data and applications.
    More information on the Nutanix offering here
  • VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA, extending the companies’ strategic partnership to ready enterprises that run VMware’s cloud infrastructure for the next era of generative AI.
  • VMware Private AI Reference Architecture for Open Source to help customers achieve their desired AI outcomes by supporting best-in-class open source software (OSS) technologies today and in the future.
    More information on the VMware AI offerings here
  • Amazon Bedrock, the easiest way to build generative AI applications with security and privacy built in. It is offered as a fully managed service that makes base models from Amazon and third-party model providers accessible through an API.
    More information here
  • Dell Validated Design for Generative AI with NVIDIA for Model Customization offers pre-trained models that extract intelligence from data without building models from scratch. “The PowerEdge XE9680 server is the industry’s first server to ship with eight NVIDIA H100 GPUs and NVIDIA AI software”. Combine Nvidia GPUs with Dell PowerEdge Servers, PowerScale OneFS for File Services, ECS / ObjectScale for Objects and other tools like Open Manage, etc.
    More information can be found here

Other validated AI design options available in the market include:

  • AIRI//S by Pure Storage and Nvidia is optimized out-of-the-box and can seamlessly scale storage and AI compute performance, allowing organizations to begin their AI journey at any scale and grow and adapt as their needs evolve
    More information can be found from Nvidia here and from Pure Storage here

HPE GreenLake for File Storage is AI-ready storage powered by Vast Data that meets the challenge of these data-intensive workloads head-on. Similar to Airi’s offering, except this is immediately available in HPe’s public cloud offering, Greenlake.
More information here

Other companies to watch out for in this space:

Juice Labs: TL;DR – Provides the software that allows GPU computing over IP

Liqid: TL;DR – Provides hw/sw to stack multiple GPUs together and combine their resources into single or multiple streams