Most Popular IT Infrastructure Model

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And there you have it folks, Hybrid Cloud was the most common answer to the poll. I personally agree 100% with this model for most companies, however, not for all.

LinkedIn Poll 04/12/2021

Scenarios where Hybrid Cloud is not a good fit:

  • Smaller companies. Startups do not usually have the capital to spend a ton of funds up front building a datacenter, so public cloud is the right approach off the bat. The main issue is that the public cloud bill starts getting expensive as the company starts to consume more resources and there comes a time where the hybrid cloud model should at least be discussed.
  • Cloud Native companies offering services. These type of companies started their infrastructure on the cloud, so they automatically pass on the cloud costs to the customers as part of the service cost, so there is little incentive to leverage a hybrid cloud for them.

Can you think of others? Let me know in the comments!