Nutanix and Redhat Partnership

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If you embrace the devops approach, this is exciting news for you! Nutanix and Redhat are establishing a partnership to improve their relationship and support for each other’s products. Simple, scalable architecture that is now fully certified to run open-shift containers seems like a recipe for extended success.

But what does this mean for Nutanix customers that were already leveraging their own Kubernetes management solution, “Karbon“? If I had to take a guess, I would expect that open-shift will simply become a deployment option on Karbon so they can keep everything as simple as it is now. Luckily any application already built on Karbon can and will run on most kubernetes distributions, specially OpenShift.

I would not expect any less than what Karbon currently has available, which includes a simple turn-key ready product with the ability to create new highly available and scalable kubernetes clusters within minutes.

The partnership was just announced last week, so there are plenty of unanswered questions being thrown around, but I am personally looking forward to do a “test drive” of the finished product once it is available!

Official Nutanix announcement here

Official Redhat announcement here