Two More VMware Certs

Last week I decided to attempt getting two more VMware certifications, however, this time the goal was to get both on the same week and guess what? With proper preparation for them I was able to pass them both!

VCP-DCV was relatively easy for me since I have kept up with the changes introduced from vSphere 6.7 to 7.0. I feel like the test has gotten easier over the years, or maybe there is a direct correlation with the addition of more real life scenarios. I did not see as many questions where you simply had to know the answer ahead of time in order to get it right, but instead, most of the questions were achievable with a certain level of knowledge of the product, and process of elimination.

As for the latest VMC on AWS Master Specialist exam, this one was a bit more tricky. There were a lot of networking questions that I was not fully prepared for where I had to simply guess the answer. There were also a lot of questions about real life scenarios, how to properly size environments and expected behaviors in this environment where I was able to make up for those networking questions that I missed though. I was honestly not 100% sure that I was going to pass when I submitted my answers, but luckily I was able to get enough right answers to accomplish the goal (and not wasting $250 away too).

Are you planning to take any of these exams soon? Have any questions I could help you with?
Please feel free to reach out and I will try my best to help you at least get one step closer to it.

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