VeeamOn 2023 Miami

As an IT professional, I am always looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge, meet industry experts, and explore the latest advancements in technology. Visiting the VeeamON conference venue in Miami proved to be a game-changing experience that definitely surpassed my expectations. In this blog post, I am sharing some announcements and pictures showing some of my experience in this unbelievable event.

Some key points that got my attention:

  • Backup and Recovery is still super necessary (in Miami terms) to fight against ransomware
  • Kubernetes protection is continuing to grow and Kasten is already offering version 6 of their product
  • Cloud migrations are common and Veeam can certainly help with some of the hypervisor conversions
  • Simplicity is always on top of mind. The solution remains easy to deploy, manage, upgrade unlike others
  • Backup your object storage to Veeam repositories (still in Technical preview)
  • Ransomware detection now includes inline detection during backup (coming soon)
  • Luckily deep offline scans of existing backups are readily available in the meantime
  • Cyber insurance cost is increasing faster than ever…if you thought car/home insurance was pricey, wait till you quote that
  • Question is no longer if your organization will be breached, but instead when…and how often?
  • Security hardening of your Veeam environment should be your number one priority if you have not done so yet
  • Paying the ransom does not guarantee recoverability. Remember, these are not the most trust-worthy people
  • Ratmir and Andrei (Veeam’s founders) are now leading an object storage company called Object First
  • Artificial Intelligence will be integrated on the next product release (just kidding! I completely made that up)

Ran into some celebrities t the event...Chris Childerhose (Veeam B&R Book Author) and Al Rasheed (Veeam Vanguard)
With some Veeam celebrities. Chris Childerhose (VB&R Book Author) and Al Rasheed (Veeam Vanguard/Legend)
Exagrid booth with John Dubay and Kevin Flynn
Veeam Robotic Dog doing some tricks
Fountaine Blue Pool
Pure Booth raffling the Nike Air Force One Shoes
The Pure Storage team
Happy Hour event
View outside the Happy Hour
After Hour Pub Crawl
Pub Crawl was packed to say the least! It was supposed to be outside and it started raining to they had to improvise.
Partner Stage for presentations throughout the event