VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing – April 2023 Summary

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I was finally able to watch and digest the latest multi-cloud briefing and below are some of my personal takeaways…

This VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing is trying to help businesses navigate the current economic struggles by explaining strategies and technology that will help achieve business goals while optimizing cloud spend and using multiple clouds to accelerate the growth of their business. It also discusses how offense (driving digital transformation) and defense (controlling cost and security) are crucial in dealing with tough market conditions.

VMware’s Cross-Cloud services, along with the Tanzu and Aria portfolios, are enabling customers to move faster on their digital transformation in modern applications. The concept of being “cloud smart” is about understanding some of the challenges, where the business is on the cloud journey, and minimizing the cost and chaos while getting there.

One of the guests (John Markley) talks about his struggles with cloud cost management when he was a customer, and honestly I feel like anyone that has moved some workloads to the public cloud can relate there. The difficulty of optimizing costs in while having other factors like performance and security in mind. They discuss the evolution of the industry from just cost and spend management to the discipline of FinOps, which involves IT, finance, and business teams working together to establish best practices for lines of business to adapt their practices and be successful in managing for cost, performance and security.

The demo of VMware Aria solutions includes a look at cost optimization and governance of public clouds using VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth. It also covers rightsizing, a key building block of cost optimization (Capacity management remains necessary for efficient resource use). Anomaly detection is another key capability of the VMware Aria Cost, designed to help users stay alert and mitigate when unwanted and costly cloud surprises occur.

Last but not least, they go over the VMware Ransomware Recovery solution, a fully managed ransomware recovery solution designed for threats in multi-cloud environments. The solution’s capabilities include snapshot immutability, air gapping, behavioral analysis, advanced networking integration, and guided workflow automation. The solution provides a step-by-step workflow that guides users through the four key steps in the ransomware recovery process: spinning up a safe controlled environment, identifying recovery point candidates, validating and curating recovery points, and restoring workloads back to production. Super useful, and necessary in today’s world.

With all that being said, what are your thoughts on this briefing?

Are you able to efficiently embrace a cloud smart strategy without having a solutions that provides these features?

Official Multi-Cloud April 2023 briefing video

Official VMware link to the Multi-Cloud Briefing for April 2023 here