What is Portworx?

Let me start by clearing up a misconception I personally had…Portworx is NOT kubernetes or containers. It is actually a software-defined storage platform that provides persistent storage for stateful applications running on Kubernetes clusters.

With Pure Storage Portworx, users can easily create and manage highly available and scalable storage clusters for their Kubernetes workloads. It provides data protection features such as backup, disaster recovery, and encryption to ensure that data is secure and highly available. Portworx also supports multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, enabling users to move their applications and data across different cloud environments.

Below is a breakdown of their product lineup, and hopefully this will clarify what Pure Storage Portworx truly offers:

PX-Migrate: Easily migrate the entire application across environments (clouds, datacenters, clusters, racks, servers, etc)

PX-Store: Modern storage for applications running anywhere (cloud, datacenter, hybrid, etc)

PX-Backup: Backup, restore, move containerized applications from/to any location

PX-DR: Continuous data protection with zero data loss disaster recovery

PX-Secure: Encryption access control that provides container specific features/settings

PX-Autopilot: Control your cloud capacity costs by intelligently provisioning storage only when it is needed

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