VMware HCX Manager – How to Update the Activation Key

Well, guess what? I found the hard way you cannot! At least on version 3.5.x


– If you have any VMs in the opposite side (VMC) using network extension from HCX, you need to migrate them to a different network during this time.

– Remove all stretched networks (select and unextend)

– Stop any ongoing migrations 

– Stop any ongoing disaster recovery protections

– Remove all the appliances associated with it (edit service-mesh and remove all services)

– Delete the service mesh

– Remove Site pairing

– Delete the HCX Manager VM in your On-prem vCenter

– Remove HCX plugin from OnPrem vCenter , following below steps:

o Navigate to vCenter mob via https://<vcenter_fqdn>/mob

o Go to Extension Manager through Content, then ExtensionManager

o You can see all registered plugins here (click on more to see all of them)

o All 7 plug ins starting with com.vmware.hybridity.* need to be unregistered

o Click on UnregisterExtension from the Methods section 

o Provide each ExtensionKey as com.vmware.hybridity.*

o Click on invoke method from same window

o Wait for its completion and repeat the same for all 7 plug ins

– Restart vSphere UI and Web Client services (or simply reboot vCenter VM)

– Verify that HCX plug in has disappeared by logging into vSphere web client once (HCX should no longer be there)

– This should have removed HCX plugin from OnPrem vCenter

– Now you can re-deploy and configure HCX using a new VMC activation key

Disclaimer: thumbnail image belongs to VMware