VMware Tech Showcase

What is VMware Tech Showcase? It is a platform for customers and partners to try beta versions of innovation projects that have not been officially released yet. The primary focus is to align products with customer needs and use their help to shape these services in the right direction. Telemetry collection will be a huge part of this initiative in order to be able to focus on the things that matter the most to the customer.

But how is this service different that Flings? Or Hands on Labs? You may be wondering…
For starters, all products will be SaaS focused, but may be open to on-premise deployments in the future.
Below is a list of differences and similarities between all three options.

Showcase differences and similarities

Two services will be offered through Showcase initially, and those will be Project Keswick and Project Trinidad. Both projects were initially introduced last year during VMware Explore 2022.

Project Keswick: Simplify Edge workload and device management by bringing zero-touch provisioning to you Edge fleet. Heard of vCheck Report and Alan Renouf? That is one of the folks behind this project in case you were wondering…

Project Trinidad: Leverage Gen AI to detect zero-day attacks and view API schemas in applications running on any Kubernetes environment (cloud or datacenter). As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, the traditional measurements are no longer as effective anymore. Main goal of this project is to reduce the time to action whenever an attack occurs.

Other upcoming services will include Project Taiga, which will be able to leverage unused CPU resources in your cluster for other purposes.

Want to learn more? Check out www.vmware.com/showcase