VMware Explore 2023 Recap

VMware Explore 2023 is a wrap and let me tell you, it is a great time to be in the middle of all of it. If you have a business challenge, most likely VMware has an answer! Their portfolio has expanded rapidly in the past few years, and it seems that they have a solution for almost everything!

Generative AI is here to stay, and this is only the beginning… It is basically transformative force for businesses, redefining the landscape of innovation and efficiency. By leveraging the power of generative AI, companies can unlock plenty of opportunities across various domains. This technology facilitates personalized customer experiences, driving customer engagement and loyalty. Moreover, it optimizes decision-making by generating diverse scenarios for strategy planning and risk assessment. Overall, generative AI empowers businesses to discover new opportunities for growth, elevating competitiveness and propelling innovation to unprecedented heights.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure has won the cloud battle and made itself an indispensable asset for enterprise businesses, seamlessly combining the advantages of both private and public cloud environments. As a leading provider of virtualization and cloud computing solutions, VMware offers a comprehensive suite of tools that seamlessly bridge on-premises infrastructure with off-site cloud resources. This integration empowers enterprises with unparalleled agility, enabling them to scale resources up or down based on dynamic demands.
But why would anyone choose VMware, when they can just spin up workloads natively on AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, etc? Because VMware ensures consistent operations across diverse cloud platforms, facilitating seamless workload migration, application management, and data mobility.

Enterprises are grappling with a phenomenon known as Cloud Chaos, a complex challenge originated from the rapid adoption of cloud technologies. This phenomenon leads to inefficiencies, increased costs, security vulnerabilities, and difficulty in tracking and optimizing cloud resources. As organizations migrate workloads without a cohesive strategy, they often face difficulties in maintaining visibility, governance, and compliance. Cloud chaos highlights the urgency for robust cloud management strategies, emphasizing the need for comprehensive governance frameworks, automated resource monitoring, and strategic planning to rein in the complexity and extract the full benefits of cloud infrastructure.

Last but not least, Ransomware is real…and VMware takes it very seriously! It poses a significant threat, targeting critical data and systems, disrupting operations, and demanding hefty ransoms for their release. The importance of protection lies not only in preventing financial loss but also in preserving an organization’s reputation and customer trust. It is crucial for all enterprises to have the ability to recover quickly (documented processes) in the aftermath of an attack. With that being said, have you checked VMware’s DRaaS offering? I played around with it using the Hands on Labs and let me tell you, it is the real deal! Not only was I able to restore my VMs in a different environment, I was able to test and restore from the latest clean copy (before infection) leveraging VMware’s entropy detection within the console itself.

Other topics included vSAN no longer offering strictly HCI, but dHCI architecture as well (vSAN Max). vSphere keeps adding features to support business demands (GPU flexibility). VMC on AWS and AVS continue to expand their feature sets, along with the rest of the VMware Cloud providers. ChatGPT aka VIA will be available in some of VMware’s products in the near future. All current products are being converted into subscriptions (vSphere+, vSAN+, NSX+, HCX+, etc) with some SaaS offering included with them. And simply much more!