Horizon and WorkSpace ONE Predictions

Now that there is an official potential buyer (KKR) for the VMware EUC business unit, I think this would be a great time to share my predictions for the near future.

Post acquisition predictions:

  • vSphere licensing will no longer be included with Horizon bundles. Hard to expect otherwise since the new ownership will have zero ties with Broadcom or VMware at that point. There are already SKUs available without vSphere included, so this will be a simple change on their side. Hint: VMC on AWS, Azure VMware Service, etc…
  • Availability in other hypervisors. This is not an immediate prediction, however, back to my original point; they will no longer have any ties with Broadcom or VMware, therefore requiring vSphere will be a hefty added cost with the new vSphere subscription only model.
  • Name change. What are some predictions here? Is it going to be something catchy and trendy? Or unique and hard to pronounce? Or simply boring like “AVD” (nothing wrong with boring and precise though)…

A lot of unknown at the moment, however, we all knew that Broadcom had already separated business units and was preparing the EUC division to be sold off since VMware was officially acquired.

Which other business unit will be sold off next? Tanzu or Carbon Black?!

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