Newest AVS Host Type – AV64

The AV64 option is the newest host type available in Azure VMware Service (AVS) for selected regions (early access announced during VMware Explore last year).
This host is only available to expand your current SDDC (second/third/forth/etc cluster) since you are required to start with an initial cluster with AV36, AV36P or AV52 nodes first, and then you can create a cluster with AV64 nodes afterwards.
Why are we being forced to start with different host types to create the SDDC? I am not sure yet but I will make sure to share my findings once I get an official answer for it.

AV64 Host Specs

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8370 (Ice Lake) 32C at 2.8Ghz (each)
  • Hyper-threading enabled
  • 1024 GB of DRAM Memory
  • 15.36 TB Storage Capacity with all NVMe based SSDs (8x 1.92TB NVMe)
  • 3.64 TB of NVMe Cache (2x 1.92TB NVMe)
  • 100 GbE Networking

A fully populated cluster can now handle up to 1024 cores with a combined clock speed of 2,867GHz, 16TB of memory, and just over 245TB of all NVMe storage capacity leveraging 16x AV64 hosts in there