Secure your Cohesity cluster with Okta

Are you currently a Cohesity and Okta customer? Want to further secure your backups data in case an administrator account gets compromised? Of course you do! Any little thing that you can do in order to avoid ransomware helps!

Below is an example of what your environment could like like once you fully combine both products!

Okta Portal > Multiple Cohesity clusters configured with Okta SSO

1-click access at your disposal after performing the initial configuration, which only takes a couple minutes.

Access any cluster, wait 1-2 seconds for the cluster information to load and you are in!

That is it, no further authentication required since you were already pre-validated when you logged into the Okta portal. You now have a centralized location for all your clusters (Cohesity Helios provides centralized functionality as a service too, and can be secured with Okta as well!).

This is an example of what the SSO configuration looks like from one of your Cohesity clusters. As you can see it is very simple to set up with only a few requirements.

Do you need help securing your secondary data/backups from ransomware? Please feel free to reach out!

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