9000 MTU AKA Jumbo Frames – Yey or Nay?

Is this risk still worth the reward? A lot of products out there still give you an option to set your preferred MTU size.

In the past, when 1GB was the only speed in networking available, this was a huge deal. Nowadays with 10GB slowly starting to fade away, and 25GB becoming the new standard, does it even offer ANY benefits still? The biggest concern here is that if somewhere along the path (host, switch, router, target, etc), something is not configured to the same MTU size (1500 being the default), it will end up causing issues/delays/headaches instead. And for what? Negligible network throughput gains?

I personally have not seen any noticeable gains worth the risk for years now. NFS Storage, VMware vMotion, vSAN storage…both with 1500 or 9000 work the same.

My advice to you is to keep it simple. Keep the default 1500 MTU size in your datacenter and save the hassle.

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