VMware VM Desired State Configuration Fling

Have you ever had to make yourself available at a specific time to change a VM’s CPU/Memory during a maintenance window? You must check out this fling immediately if that is the case! It will help you avoid those unpleasant late/early changes, and instead you can simply pre-configure the right amount of resources needed for your VMs ahead of time.

Take advantage of the application owners performing their own system reboots, patching maintenance windows, etc…

“Virtual Machine Desired State Configuration (VMDSC) allows virtual administrators to specify VM CPU/Memory desired state which will take effect upon the next Guest OS reboot. This removes the burden of having to schedule a downtime window with the business/app owners… VMs realize their desired state the next time they are rebooted which happens naturally because of regular lifecycle operations (OS patching, application updates, etc.).”

This tool is currently designed/tested for vSphere 7.x+, but if your environment is still running vSphere 6.7, give it a try and please let me know the results!

Official link for download and extended information below:


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