VMware on AWS – Create a “Portgroup” on VMC’s vCenter

Are you new to NSX but not to vSphere? If you are, no big deal, just think of segments as portgroups that can expand indefinitely (millions).

Segments are standard if you are used to dealing with NSX networks already, the main difference is that they use virtual network identifiers instead of VLAN IDs.

If you want to create segments (portgroups) in VMC, the proper (or only) approach through the GUI is using the “Networking and Security” tab (instructions below).

  • Select Networking and Security > Segments > Add Segment
  • Select desired settings: Name, Subnet, DHCP config, domain name, tag, scope, etc (most settings are optional)
  • Save
  • You should be able to see the newly created segment in the list
  • If you login to your vCenter, the new portgroup (segment) created will now be available for VMs to use
  • vCenter Network before:
  • vCenter Network After:
  • You should be able to start populating all your required portgroups, I mean segments now.
  • Some popular segment examples include: VDI, Web, Database, Monitoring, Admin, etc