vExpert – VMware Cloud on AWS Subprogram

Today I received the wonderful news that I was accepted to be part of the VMware Cloud on AWS subprogram for VMware. I was waiting anxiously for this date to see if I was going to be accepted or not, and luckily, I was! I am definitely grateful for the knowledge I have been able to gain over the past years, working for employers that embrace the latest and greatest technologies, working with colleagues that always raise the bar, working with leaders that truly care about the customers AND employers too.

With that being said, I am now even more committed than before to keep creating and publishing content on a more regular basis. Even though this post is not technical at all, I wanted to share with everyone my feelings on the topic.

If there is any advice I can share with you is to follow your passion. If you love the technology has to offer and have never applied for the vExpert program, set a reminder and do it next time registration opens! Make sure to share your stories, findings, experiences with other people in the community and get to know other folks that share some of your same interests ahead of time. It can feel a bit scary to get out of the comfort zone, but unless you give it a try, the answer will always remain no.

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