Best of CES 2024

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CES 2024, the largest consumer tech show is taking place in Las Vegas this week and AI is already everywhere you can think of…TVs with with outstanding picture and sound quality thanks to the latest AI additions, electric cars controlled with Playstation controllers, star wars looking holograms, electric skiing, automatic lawn robots, and much more!
Some of my the products that caught my attention in no specific order below.

SeerGrill Perfecta: Want to be able to make top quality restaurant food in less than 3 minutes? Say no more!
The World’s First AI Powered Grill features grilling, pizza, oven, rotisserie and chef modes. The AI gathers all the necessary measurements to dynamically controls the novel burner system to cook everything as desired. Everyone will be able to deliver perfectly cooked food every time without having to be a professional Chef!

Check out the SeerGrill vs. Grillmaster video here:

BeamO: I introduce you to the smartphone of thermometers! With four functionalities in one, this multiscope can act as a thermometer, electrocardiogram, oximeter and stethoscope. Keep all your health information within the Withings app so you can easily access it and you can also make any necessary adjustments if certain levels increase or decrease. Remember, your health is your wealth! No amount of money can buy this for you.

Check our the official commercial released during CES 2024 here:

Zapbox: Want to experience Virtual Reality in your home but also do not want to spend $3500 for an Apple Vision pro? Zapbox is able to deliver mixed reality with an entry price point that makes it accessible to everyone (Starting at $79.99). Kit includes headset and controllers, and the rest will be provided by your iPhone (Android in the future).
PS: Sony also released a high-end XR headset as well, however, it is better positioned to compete with Apple’s instead.

Check out the official Zapbox commercial here:

Transparent Micro-LEDs Displays were showcased by LG and Samsung with their transparent TVs. This technology uses microscopic LEDs to create individual pixels. Unlike traditional LCD screens, which require backlighting, or OLED screens, where each pixel is an organic compound that emits light, MicroLEDs are made of inorganic material that emits its own light when electrically charged.

Check out LG’s Transparent Micro LED TV here:

Check out Samsung’s Transparent Micro LED TV here:

Honda/Sony Electric Car, Afeela: What is so special about this car? Isn’t it just another EV? Well, not quite.
This car includes 3D mapping technology which means playful visual additions, such as cartoons on the side of the road which can be enabled by the driver and the front passenger. Aside from having an interactive cabin and driving experience, Sony Honda Mobility is also working with Microsoft to add an AI personal mobility agent.

Check out Sony Honda’s EV Concept Afeela here:

Motion Pillow: This is not an ordinary pillow. Maximize your sleep by leveraging AI by detecting a user’s snoring pattern and slowly inflating airbags to lift their head and open their airway to reduce it. Official site here

Holobox: Webcams are so last decade… Step up your Zoom game with this box that can display a live holographic rendering of the person that you are talking to, making it feel like the person is in the same room with you. Crazy times we live in. This type of technology was only imaginable in movies like Star Wars when I was younger. And of course, it is AI powered as too!
Biggest downsides in my opinion… a single unit costs around $50K euros. Vision Pro headsets are a bargain compared to it.

Check out a live interaction leveraging the Holoblox at CES 2024 here: