Cohesity’s improved Threat Defense

Three new products were announced so far during Cohesity’s Connect event and I am excited to share a brief summary of each of them with you! DataGovern, Project Fort Knock and DRaaS.

Cohesity DataGovern: Solution leveraging AI/ML that can automate the discovery of sensitive data and patterns of use in order to prevent malicious behaviors. Near real time detection when users attempt to move, change or encrypt large sets of data. In the future it will also include integration with third-party security tools for SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response).

Project Fort Knox: Isolate your data in the cloud with this immutable data vault service manage by Cohesity themselves. Think of it as a virtual tape library in the cloud with all of the features, and none of the manual work that is required to rotate tapes around. The OPex expenditure model for this Storage as a Service approach is definitely another benefit too.

Disaster Recovery as a Service: I mean, why not? If you are leveraging Cohesity for your data protection needs, then you already have a copy of your most important systems. If you have an enterprise data protection strategy, then you are probably already replicating natively this data to another Cohesity cluster in a different location. The only missing piece in the puzzle was the orchestration engine to automate what exactly needs to happen in a planned or forced failover scenario.

More information about the Disaster Recovery as a Service official Cohesity blog here

Also some of the extended DRaaS benefits here

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