Customer First Focus

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What sets you apart from the rest? Technology conversations aside, it becomes much harder to fail when your focus is always placed on the customer needs.

When I worked at, this was the number one priority. When I first walked in, I have to admit I did not quite fully get it, but it became quite clear what that truly meant as time went by. We were there to assist out customers with their decisions, making sure to carry all the products they will need, deliver them as fast as possible and find solutions if anything went wrong in-between. There were stories weekly about how we went above and beyond for the customer (Ex: delivering flowers, custom cards, custom paintings of the pets, etc). By following this simple rule, we were gaining not just customers for life, but brand advocated as well!

I am now in a position to help customers directly, and guess what? It is a HUGE responsibility. Understanding their business model, requirements, limitations in order to provide that value that will help them get the upper hand vs. their competition! Sometimes minor details can be overlooked and that is what we are there to pinpoint and correct.

If you had to pick your top priority in your role, what would that be?