SaaS Outages – What’s your contingency plan?

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With the recent Microsoft Teams global outage, I can certainly say that some companies have realized that having Software as a Service does not equal to zero downtime, no matter what that SLA stipulates. Let’s face it, at the end of the day $#&* happens…

With that being said, if that unexpected outage does happen…what’s next? The business does not care if that application is hosted by another vendor, your datacenter, the public cloud, your laptop, etc… All they care about is that their platform is available for them to use whenever they need it.

Some of the questions that first come to mind are…

  • Do you understand what that outage means for your business?
  • Is the outage impacting your customers? Or is it only internal facing?
  • Is your business losing revenue? Or only functionality?
  • Do you have a contingency plan for it today? Are you working on one already?

If you need some assistance with it, you are definitely in the right place… Luckily for you, Cumberland Group would love to engage in a conversation to see how we can help you be better prepare for that next outage.

More information on the Microsoft Teams global outage below, in case you want to read into it