Nyriad – Software Defined GPUs and NVDIMMS?!

Yesterday I got to hear about some really cool technology thanks to Scott and LaLe! GPU, NVDIMMs and disks combined for a higher throughput, scalable, lower latency solution!

It also comes with a software-defined alternative to RAID with the option to select that resiliency level that your business requires! Want to support 20 drive failures? Sure, no problem!

“use an Nvidia GPU in the controller, replacing RAID controllers, alongside an x86 CPU and so make it capable of dealing with tremendous levels of bandwidth through parallel processing by the GPU.”

Straight from their website:

“Imagine a revolutionary new storage architecture that combines the power of GPUs, CPUs, and persistent memory with advanced software to deliver an unprecedented combination of performance, resilience, and efficiency, without compromise.

An architecture that is simple to deploy, operate, scale, and maintain for even the most demanding compute and data intensive workloads, enabling massive amounts of data and multiple data types to be managed in a single storage system.

An architecture that empowers your business to grow, adapt, and stay competitive in a data-driven world.”

How did your Monday go?!

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