vSphere Replication Upgrade – Version 8.2 to 8.4

This blog was started by an email one customer received regarding their SRM and vSphere Replication versions running on-prem. The VMware Cloud team sent an email out to remind customers that they need to upgrade the version of these 2 product by October, or the will fall in the unsupported category (oh noes!!).

VMware Cloud Team email:

First thing we did, was validate which version of Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication we were running on-premise, which was in fact version 8.2 for both products so this is where the upgrade instructions start:

  • Login to the VMware customer portal
  • Download the ISO for vSphere Replication
  • Upload ISO to a datastore that is available to the vSphere Replication VM
  • Edit the Replication VM settings
  • Proceed with the warning
  • Expand Hard Disk 1 to 16GB (expansion will be executed after upgrade)
  • Mount the ISO to the CD/DVD Drive 1
  • Login to the VAMI / management interface for vSphere Replication using port 5480
  • https://vspherereplicationfqdn.domain.local:5480
  • Login with your credentials (root/password)
  • Go to Update > Settings and update the Repository to CDROM
  • Save Settings
  • Go to Update > Status and Check Updates
  • Validate that the right update you downloaded is available
  • I recommend to take a snapshot of the VM before you proceed to Install the update
  • After the snapshot is taken, proceed to Install Updates
  • Accept the EULA and Confirm you want to Install Updates.
  • The upgrade will start immediately and should take 5-10 minutes to complete
  • At this point, I open a remote console to the vSphere Replication VM to keep an eye on the version number
  • The VM will reboot automatically when the upgrade completes, however, there will not be a notification on the management interface. If you see the updated version on the console, then it means upgrade completed.
  • Login to the console with the root credentials
  • Extend the disk partition using the following command:
  • /opt/vmware/bin/extend_system_partition.sh
  • Configure a password for the admin account with the following command:
  • passwd admin
  • Login to the VAMI/management interface using the admin credentials
  • Re-configure vSphere Replication so it can tie back to the vCenter
  • Remove the VM snapshot previously taken
  • Enjoy the new version of vSphere Replication!