New I4i Host Type – VMC on AWS

That’s right, there is a new sheriff in town! Well…not really, but definitely a better bang for your buck if you are considering moving some workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS…or are undecided about which cloud fits your needs best for VMC.

The new I4i.metal host does not only offer twice the resources over the i3.metal, but it also comes with a cheaper price tag as well (cost per core, memory, space and bandwidth). If you have a 6+ I3.metal host cluster today, it most definitely makes sense to switch over to the new I4.metal offering.

Let’s do some simple math here to backup my statement…

6x i3.metal hosts cluster costs $218K per year (3-year reserved cost)

3x i4i.metal hosts cluster costs $173K per year (3-year reserved cost)

Benefits? Same resources as a 6x. i3.metal cluster, more room for growth (16x hosts max) and more bandwidth overall.

Seems like a win/win/win as long as you need that many resources in your environment!

Quick cheat sheet for the specs/cost of each host offering on VMC on AWS

The extended performance is definitely a nice bonus perk too, which is what originally sparked my interest to deep dive on this new offering. Check out the blog below showing SQL performance benchmark comparisons using all three all models.

SQL Server Performance of VMware Cloud on AWS Instance Types

As you can see, SQL alone can deliver close to 2.5x the performance on a single VM per host when doubling the resources. Your mileage may vary, but at the very least I would expect to see 2x increase based on having twice the physical resources available.

Need more performance than a single I4i.metal host can offer? If that is the case, then you need to go check out the BM.DenselO.E4.128 offered by Oracle Cloud VMware Service (OCVS) which can deliver twice the physical resources on a single host.

FAQ on the new I4i.metal offering here

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