VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing – July 2023

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Title for this episode of the series is: The Frontiers of Generative AI for the Enterprise

Some of the key points that caught my attention below:

  • The Impact of Generative AI in the Enterprise: While generative AI has gained attention in the consumer space, it’s true impact lies in the enterprise. It can drive efficiency and effectiveness across various areas, from development and customer service to marketing and sales.
  • The Role of Multi-Cloud Environments: Multi-cloud infrastructure is going to be crucial for leveraging generative AI in the enterprise. Enterprise data is distributed across multiple clouds, which means an effective multi-cloud platform has never been more important to be able to utilize this data effectively.
  • VMware’s Cloud Smart Approach: VMware’s approach is centered on empowering customers with a cloud smart strategy. This allows them to choose the most suitable cloud for their applications, harnessing the power of GenAI workloads. By providing control over intellectual property, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and enabling faster adoption of it.
  • Ethical Considerations: Responsibility and ethics in AI usage are crucial to VMware. They are committed to privacy, security, fairness, and transparency. VMware recognizes that ethical AI implementation is a collective responsibility within the industry.

Conclusion: This Multi-Cloud Briefing highlighted the immense potential of generative AI in the enterprise. Combined with multi-cloud environments, enterprises can harness the power of data and language models to drive efficiency and innovation. VMware’s cloud smart approach, combined with a commitment to ethical AI usage, is trying to facilitate the AI usage in the enterprise by providing customers with the flexibility and choice they need to unlock the benefits of next-generation GenAI workloads.

Official VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing below:

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you agree that AI belongs in a multi-cloud world?