What’s new on Veeam V12?

Did you miss Veeam’s Valentine Day event? No worries! Below are some of the biggest announcement that caught my attention, however, there were A LOT more than just these 14 highlighted below…

  • Direct Backup to Object Storage (no longer a tiered repository)
  • Spaceless full backups on object storage (just like ReFS and XFS repositories)
  • Trusted immutability (now available for NAS, agent, AWS, Azure and other backup types)
  • Multi-factor authentication (can never be too secure)
  • gMSA accounts support for Windows (passwordless credentials)
  • Best practices analyzer (keep your environment secure by following best practices)
  • In-cloud data flow (save some egress costs by keeping cloud backups in the same cloud)
  • PostgreSQL now supported for local database (say bye to SQL Express and the 10GB cap!)
  • New compression algorithm (less CPU usage and faster restores)
  • Background health check (schedule your jobs to ensure there is no data corruption)
  • Streamlined repository change processes (easily decommission old repositories)
  • Hardened repository can act as a backup proxy (NBD mode only to reduce attack area)
  • Streamlined upgrade (pre-check and detect configuration issues prior to the upgrade)
  • vSphere 8.0 (full VM HW 20 support and vSphere DataSets)

For a more robust list, check out the official “What’s New in V12” documentation from Veeam using the link below: